Our Thrift Shop
Store Location
1107 3rd St.
Anacortes WA 98221
Shopping Hours
Tuesday: 1:30 – 6:30
Friday: 11:00 – 6:30
Donation Hours
Tuesday: 7:00 AM till 4:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM till 4:00 PM
Donations We Accept


In 1966, Thelma Marani, Nina Antonious and Doris Tursi decided to ask the club to consider opening a thrift shop. They received much opposition from the membership, but when these three personally promised to guarantee that the club would not go into debt, the other members consented. Thus began our Thrift Shop history!

December 13, 1966: The first “Bargain Bungalow”, a rented small house in the alley at 31st St and Commercial Ave., opened for business. There was a big celebration the first day the shop earned $30.

December 1972: The club purchased the Salvation Army building located at 4th St and O Ave. Repairs and some remodeling were done by the members and their husbands.

March 1973: “The Soroptimist Thrift Shop” opened at the corner of 4th St. and O Ave. This shop became the clubs primary service project by providing the community with clean, high quality, previously owned goods at a reasonable price. In addition, it generated funds for the clubs other community service projects and provided a location for the Hospital Equipment Loan Program.

Late 1990s: We had outgrown our little shop, so we made the bold move of purchasing a building site across the alley. At the same time, the Anacortes Public Library was planning a new building and their 2000 sq. ft children’s wing (only 15 years old) was sold to the club for $1. That was a deal, so we bought it and moved it down the street. An additional 2,000 sq. ft room was built onto the existing building to create work space and a room for hospital equipment.

May 2002: The new Thrift Shop at 1107 3rd St. was completed and opened in May of 2002. What an exciting time! Our new space generated more business and increased our community donations and scholarships. However, our hospital equipment space was essentially a large closet, and not at all adequate.

2007-2008: We purchased a small property next door, initially to expand the hospital equipment room, but later decided to also expand the retail space. This was more complicated, so we hired an architect, and during the planning process decided to add an upstairs area.

2018: Our Thrift Shop is thriving. We have 93 members and 40 volunteers who run the shop. We have 2800 pieces of equipment loaned out to residents of Anacortes.