How It Works
  1. We receive items donated by our community into the intake-room where they are sorted and delivered to the different specified areas in the workroom for further inspection and pricing. Any items that do not meet our standards are then bagged and placed in the out-room and are donated to ARC of Washington.
  2. Members and volunteers then price the items and place them into the retail area. We color code our price tags with four different colors of tags and pull outdated items after three months. These pulled items are then donated to other charities, at this time ARC of Washington and Garage of Blessings.
  3. We have several “Soroptimisters” who volunteer along with many other community members. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us via email.
  4. We have a book committee who sorts, prices and places the books into the retail area.
  5. All holiday items are stored until the specific holiday and then are placed into the retail area.
  6. All summer we store winter coats, boots, gloves, scarves and mittens and begin to put them out into retail space in October.